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Women and Tears
Women treat people differently. Perhaps because they are the different lot. Also because they possibly don’t now how, they need to be treated. Tears are one of the many assorted weapons they have to get themselves rescued from any given situation. They cry when they are happy, they cry when they are sad and most of all they cry to get something or someone back to a territory which they seem to own, their heart!

I wonder why people call women complicated. I think they are the most simplistic form of God’s creation who are generally pre-occupied to make any assumptions or decisions with their limitless minds. Its quite something to understand that women make mistakes and that they think from their hearts rather than thinking from their minds; and quite another when these mistakes are thrust upon them. In a given situation where she deliberately believes that she can falter, she is given a smirk by the man and made to believe that after all she is a woman! Most men find it difficult to relate to tears, thanks to the popular belief that tears are a rather feminine expression of cowardice. Though there are various reasons why women cry, the more popular belief of using them so frequently is because that they long to be loved! It is this simple reason that makes them go through a turmoil of feelings, feelings if not controlled at the proper time can also be come lethal.

Tears, an expression of the heart
More often than not tears are the only expression of making people understand that women need to be wanted, caressed. In recent times of course no one has the time to break down but in reality, every women cries heart in heart. Despite professionalism, in the most devastating times, in an office environment, women tend to hold back their tears momentarily, but under the garb of presenting themselves as prim and proper, women bear everything stoically. It is perhaps this general understanding of differentiating between right and wrong is what makes women one of the best bosses in the world, should they want themselves in being so.

Tears for some women are God’s way of making them understand the need to become strong. That it is only after a shower of the pain experienced can the effect of strength be generated. It is only when the pus of depression breaks out does the wound get healed. Tears are also necessary in a woman, because it is only tears that makes her shoulders stronger. Most women whom I have questioned so far say the same thing, that the most important part of the body in a woman is not her heart but her shoulder, because it is the shoulder that can hold her head high and also rest someone’s head! Because while a man was made to be ruggedly egoistic, a woman was made to prove to him that there cannot be a world existent without her!

Tears and the woman become a lethal combination because however great a man might feel thanks to his ego, it is always a woman’s tears that can open the doors of his soul. It only goes to show that women can do what they want if given the right opportunity, and that tears are only a means of getting there. If only men could understand this and let them have a say of their own too… But then we wouldn’t know what the true value of that glistening drop of pearl that shines from her eye and melts one’s heart. And she can dare to all this because she is a woman! Hail to that!


Happiness is a feeling every human being on this planet desires in their heart of hearts.  And yet most of us look for happiness in all the wrong places and end up causing ourselves more suffering.

This is because we are looking outside of ourselves for some thing or some one to bring us that feeling.

So it is when we search “everywhere” for happiness, we never see where it really is, which is with us all along.

I think we all would agree that Happiness does not depend on material things, such as driving a certain car or holding a prestigious title. (although those things can add pleasure to your life).

Happiness does not depend on other people, like whether you have a significant other or not. (although having loving and supportive people around adds to your enjoyment)

Happiness does not depend on what happens, so if you stay, it will be good and if you go, it will be good.Â

Happiness is not to be found anywhere in the external world.Â

The main obstacle to happiness is faulty thinking. For instance thinking, someone or some thing can make you happy.  Beware also of what A Course in Miracles calls, “elusive happiness, which is happiness that changes and shifts with times and places.  ACIM says this kind of happiness is an illusion and has no meaning!”

So where does one find happiness?
Stop looking outside for what can only be found inside.
And make a decision to be happy.

Let me repeat that:

Happiness DOES depend on your decision to be happy.

So, consider this, have you ever made a conscious decision to be happy?

My guess is No.

Here is your official invitation to Be Happy!

Let’s join forces for happiness.

Repeat after me:

I, your name, decide to be happy right now, despite the weather, the world, or what happens to me.

I absolutely know it is my God-given birthright to be happy.

And as the light of God that I am, I reclaim happiness and happiness reclaims me.

So be this.


how important is being honest.

“Honesty is the best policy.” This is one of the most often lines heard by us in our lives. But is it a fact? Or like many other sayings, just a statement? Do we really live up to it? Or rather compromise with it at the unlikely events that we come across in our lives?

It is true that honest people are more appreciated and are considered responsible. They are able to earn good reputation among their colleagues. It helps one build a successful relationship with their friends as well as their lovers. It helps your partner build trust on you and rather not suspect you on ‘suspicious’ occasions. Honest people definitely make good relationships at work, and get promoted. They are confident about their work, and have high self-esteem. They affirm their sayings, and are not liable to be caught upon what they say or what they do. The quote that ‘the world is round, and everything gets back to you’ holds true in the context. The people get rewarded for their work, though late but definite. However, the reward is rather late than definite. Honest people are relaxed and have a calm state of mind. They do not carry unnecessary stress in life and are optimistic.

However, being practical, people often lie, to save the occasion. A key example is when your friend asks, “How is my new haircut?” especially when he is not a close one, you would tell him that he looks marvellous, though you did not like it at all. Often people lie to their bosses, their spouses. Children lie to their parents, teachers over matters they do not want disclosed. A famous saying is “Speak the truth, speak what may be liked. Do not speak the truth that may not be liked by the other person”. This is a fact in all the worldly matters concerned. You are concerned only about the relationship, and not the policy of being honest in real life. Naturally, you opt to speak what may please the person concerned, and not the truth, as in the example cited.

The title of the article may suit differently from one person to the other. The important thing is to save the situation and the relation concerned, may it be on the cost of you compromising with the noble saying. However, one thing to be kept in mind is that any lie strikes at the foundation of the relationship. So one must avoid being in situations where he might have to speak the untruth. However, in unlikely situations, again, the precedence should be given to the person and the need of the hour.

“diary of a broken heart”

, this was my planned title for a diary-of-sorts that i wanted to write when i was brokenhearted once. i thought to myself, what if isulat ko lahat ng nararamdaman ko araw araw sa loob ng isang buong taon, then i’d be able to read it when i am healed, and see my journey from a new point of view, from denial to anger to bitterness to hope to healing (or whatever jumbled order you’ve experienced in your own love life) and maybe, it might be able to help future broken hearts out there.

but, i never got to writing it.

siguro dahil sa sobrang sakit, kapag naiisip kong magsulat, nananalo na lang yung kagustuhan kong magmukmok sa isang tabi. imbis na mag-effort pa ako na mag-isip at magpagod, ginusto ko na lang na wala na lang akong intindihin. hanggang sa lumipas ang mga linggo, mga buwan, i went through all kinds of emotions (na slightly nakakabaliw talaga yung iba ha!), until one day, i was okay.

having said all that, and having heard some of the most saddening break-up stories the past weeks, allow me to try to reconstruct a few of the things i’ve learned in life, and love, that might help that broken heart of yours or of someone you know.

1. on advice.

kapag brokenhearted ka.. no advice said to you will make you feel better. none. as in. wala. kahit ano, walang effect. kapag brokenhearted ka, the only thing that you think will make you feel better is if the one you love will say they love you too. but they won’t. (in some cases, they won’t ever, but in some, they won’t just for this point in time.) hugs will comfort you, concerned texts will make you smile, but no amount of advice will make you feel better.. unless! unless you decide to let it make you feel better. don’t be pressured though to follow everyone’s advice. kanya-kanya lang yan. of the one hundred cliché lines thrown at you at an attempt to make you feel better, most will not make you feel better (in fact, some will make you feel worse), but there will be a few major lines (not necessarily given by those closest to you, mind you) that will speak to you and touch your heart and soothe your soul. those pieces of advice, you hold on to.

2. on prayer.

a broken heart will wake up some days so unbelievably hopeless and wanting to just stay in bed all day. some will even go all out in saying they want to die (but of course you don’t really want to die, right?) a broken heart will wake up some days feeling somewhat rested and peaceful, but with a slight fear that they might encounter something that day that will bring back all the pain. whatever mood the broken heart wakes up in, one thing remains. it’s a broken heart. and this may sound cheesy or false to some, but there is only one thing that can heal all things broken. our LoRd and personal savior, JeSus ChRisT. when your heart is peaceful, give thanks. when your heart is troubled, still give thanks and ask for deliverance. when your heart is shattered into a million pieces, still give thanks, and ask that you may learn whatever life lesson it is that He wants you to learn. in both high and low, give thanks, because it is one of the surest things in life that GoD only works for the good of those who love Him.

3. on moving on.

don’t be pressured! for some it takes weeks. for some, months. for some, years! of course no one likes the pain that a broken heart brings. (its pain like no other! araaay talaga grabe!) but, you have to go through it. there is no short cut, there is no other way. go through it. go and let it out. cry before you sleep, cry when you wake up, cry in the bathroom, cry to your friends. lock yourself in the room, stay in bed all day, don’t talk to anyone for hours, make senti all you want. do it all. don’t let anybody stop you. (but don’t let it get in the way of school or work or the things you have to do either! okay? okay.) feel all those yucky, disgusting, heart-shattering feelings, curl it all up into this unbelievably sad ball, and one day, when you are ready, throw it out the window. it will happen for you. i know you feel it won’t, that the day you will be okay will never come, but it will. have faith, it will.

let me stop at this third point and end by saying that i’ve felt all those feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness that you might be feeling right now. and, honestly, so have thousands, and millions of other people around you. it sucks. it really does. but hey. nobody said that it would be easy, but nobody said that you have to do it alone.

all this i share with pure sincerity from the bottom of my happy heart, to your soon-to-be happy heart! 🙂

I do not have the courage to let anybody read this. As I read post from different blogs I come to realize that this is the right time to free my heart from broken and to help others in my own way.

Silence builds an awful wreckage of a girl
It feeds on loneliness and creates a void
Gray shadows haunt and torment and torture
A teenager is stricken and destroyed

There is no sound of laughter or happiness here
The little one has thrown in the towel today
Somber, melancholy moods decay the soul
It is futile to hope and dream and pray

Emptiness builds a home in this woman
In this girl, this child where hollows have bred
A deepening sea of nowhereness consumes
And eats away at every connecting thread

Confusion feeds like a savage inside her,
Leaving nothing considered worthy remains
Destined to walk through life less ordinary
Alone, exiled, different and disdained.

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  • princess: i know what you mean. Been there. Ang sakit sakit na you wish sleep ka na lang always when you wake up hindi mo na mafeel ang sakit. huhuhu